About the GPU

GPU Members working together in office

The Genomics Policy Unit (GPU) is one of the longest established research groups studying the ‘new genetics’ in existence in the UK. Since 1996 we have been conducting a range of innovative research programmes that relate to the impact of genomic technologies on health and social care, particularly in relation to the implications for professionals and the public. The GPU has made a significant contribution to the development of policy and practice in genetics at national and international level with particularly pioneering work in the fields of public engagement with genetics and genetic competence of health professionals.

Our aim is to make a significant contribution to professional preparation, public education, and ultimately to care improvement in the emerging era of genomic healthcare, through the generation of new knowledge and the application of that knowledge to policy developments in health, social care and education.

The GPU works in collaboration with many individuals and organisations across the UK and overseas on research and education initiatives. Current external links include: