Telling Stories - who's listening?

June 4, 2008

The answer is well over 100,000 people world-wide according to statistics for the first 12 months of the website Telling Stories, understanding real life genetics going live.

Since June 1st 2007 (just before the site was launched) until May 31st this year, the Telling Stories website has clocked up 105,097 hits (average 287 per day). More importantly, there have been 21,401 downloads from the site over the period, averaging 58 per day. These have originated from all continents (bar one) with North America accounting for around 65% of downloads. The project team have had positive feedback and hope to attract funding to expand the site as an international resource.

The continent yet to be conquered? Antarctica. Kevin McDonald, project team member, quipped “Perhaps we should use the story on the penguin with a rare genetic fish allergy!”

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