Fit for Practice in the Genetics Era: A Competence Based Education Framework for Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors (2003)

The GPU, in collaboration with the All Wales Medical Genetics Service, was commissioned by the Department of Health to define a framework of competencies in genetics for all nurse, midwives and health visitors.
This project built on earlier work we carried out looking at some of the issues that needed to be addressed in preparing nurses to integrate genetics into practice.

The competency framework was published at the end of 2003, and launched in 2004. In the Extended Summary, learning outcomes and practice indicators for each of the seven competence statements are set out alongside scenarios to illustrate the importance of having knowledge and skills in genetics. A series of seven articles (each focusing on one of the competences) was published by Nursing Standard in 2005 and remains free to access as part of the journal’s Learning Zone The framework has been integral to the programme of work at the NHS National Genetics Education and Development Centre

At the conference held to launch the framework, Rosemary Kennedy, Chief Nursing Office for Wales said: “The genetics era has brought with it opportunities such as the earlier detection of disease and the ability to better target treatment, and even greater opportunity for prevention of full blown disease patterns.

“This is truly exciting and breathes new possibilities for how we respond to all patients and clients and indeed, how it impacts on our own lives and the lives of our families.”

Launch Speech – Rosemary Kennedy (MS Word, 44KB)