Let’s talk about genes and I don’t mean trousers

Let’s talk about genes and I don’t mean trousers: A feasibility study exploring the acceptability of discussing cancer and family history with school children in South Wales (2011-2012)

The aim of this project is to demonstrate whether it is feasible, and whether it is acceptable, to engage children in South Wales with family history as it relates to cancer, so that they can increase their cancer genetics literacy over time, and become more aware of general health issues that relate to cancer.

The objectives of this project are to show that children aged 12 and 13 years can:

  • Understand the role that family history plays in health and disease
  • Learn about how family history influences cancer
  • Develop cancer genetics literacy
  • Become aware of healthy behaviours that are likely to reduce cancer risk
  • Act as disseminators of cancer genetics information to their peers

Children have taken part in a series of workshops and have contributed to the development of a short film (animation) about what they think other young people need to know about genetics and cancer. There will be a project celebration in the summer to showcase their work and contribution to research.