Working With Editors: Identifying the Genetic Education Needs of Nurses (2006-2007)

Working with editors from seven specialist nursing journals at RCN Publishing we have produced articles for each readership that include examples of where genetics is relevant to that area of practice. Alongside each article was a short questionnaire. Readers were asked to tell us how they view genetics as it relates to their job. We used the seven statements from the nursing professions’ competence framework for genetics education and asked whether they saw each as being important to their job, how much they used it and whether they were confident in using it. In addition, the questionnaire asked about barriers and facilitators to learning and the types of learning environments they preferred.

The findings of this study have been published: Kirk M, Tonkin E and Birmingham K (2007) Working with publishers: a novel approach to ascertaining practitioners’ needs in genetics education. Journal of Research in Nursing 12(6):597-615.