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Globe Genomics website Global Genomics Nursing Alliance (G2NA)

G2NA was established under the co-leadership of Maggie Kirk (GPU) and Kathleen Calzone (National Cancer Institute, National Institutes for Health, USA) following an invitation-only workshop to consider how best to accelerate the integration of genomics into everyday nursing practice. The event brought together nurse leaders from 19 countries and the then Presidents of the International Council for Nurses, Sigma Theta Tau International and the International Society of Nurses in Genetics.

The workshop was funded through the Wellcome Genome Campus Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences (ACSC) programme, with additional support from Health Education England Genomics Education Programme, and the National Human Genome Research Institute (NIH, USA).

The vision of the alliance is to serve as the unified international voice for advancing and integrating genomics into nursing practice. On her retirement Maggie Kirk stepped down as co-lead but remains on the steering group along with Emma Tonkin who was also a member of the original workshop collaboration.

G2NA has already completed a number of pieces of work and Emma is currently involved with the steering group on two major projects:

  • The development and pilot testing of Assessment of Strategic Integration of Genomics across Nursing (ASIGN) tool - a maturity matrix for nurse leaders to facilitate and benchmark progress in genomic healthcare policy, infrastructure, education, and delivery – lead: Emma Tonkin
  • A Roadmap for global acceleration of genomics integration across nursing that brings together all of the key information gathered through G2NA (including the ASIGN tool) – lead: Maggie Kirk

Genomics shutterstock_389079670-nurses-conference-600x600.pngNursing, Genomics & Healthcare conference

Following the successful workshop, G2NA are again working with Wellcome ACSC to deliver the first international conference specifically looking at genomics within ‘general’ (non-genetic/genomic specialist) nursing. Emma Tonkin is the UK member of the conference organising committee.