Emma Tonkin awarded Associate Professor in Genomic Healthcare

Dr Emma Tonkin Genomics Policy Unit

Congratulations to Dr Emma Tonkin on her appointment to Associate Professor in Genomic Healthcare.

Emma is a researcher with a substantial track record and international reputation in the field of Genomic healthcare - workforce development and education. Primarily working with the nursing and midwifery professions, Emma’s research has focused on health professional education and engagement, and service development initiatives within the UK for mainstreaming genomics across health services.

“My background in human genetics has enabled me to understand the clinical utility of genomic technology within healthcare and recognise that, as the largest component of the health workforce, nurse and midwives have a key role to play in helping realise the potential of genomic healthcare. The research I have been involved in has been awarded national and international prizes and I have received personal recognition for my work.”

“I am committed to developing and growing my programme of research. Within the UK where there has been significant political will and investment, it has still taken many years to get to the present situation where the creation of a Genomic Medicine Service within NHS England and a Genomics for Precision Medicine Strategy for Wales are now beginning to drive education, training and service development initiatives focused on nursing and midwifery.

Dr Tonkin's top three research projects

“My 14 plus years of research contributes to a foundation on which to take these activities forward. Importantly the work provides others outside of the UK with an insight of what can be achieved and how to go about it. As part of the Global Genomics Nursing Alliance I will continue to work internationally and collaboratively to advance the capability and capacity of the profession to deliver genomic healthcare and evidence the benefits of this new way of working for patients, families and communities.”

Dr Louise Bright, Director of Research and Business Engagement, said: "Associate Professor and Professor are highly prestigious titles and are the most senior designations bestowed by the University in recognition of excellence in the individual’s subject area."

As well as the established research and development route, progression to professorial title can be via four other routes namely research and development; innovation and engagement; teaching and learning and professional practice. 

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