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PhD alumna: Dr Kathleen Calzone

Dr Kathleen Calzone is a Research Geneticist in the Center for Cancer Research at the National Cancer Institute in Washington, DC, and the co-lead of the Global Genomics Nursing Alliance.

Kathleen completed her PhD by Portfolio under the supervision of the Genomics Policy Research Unit.

"My current position is largely a consequence of my PhD by Portfolio obtained from the University of South Wales. My prior education was a Bachelor’s in nursing at Syracuse University and Master’s in Oncology Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania in the USA.

"An early experience as an oncology nurse spawned a lifelong interest in clinical research. I transitioned to a role as a research nurse working on breast cancer clinical trials and it was here that I began to appreciate the critical role genetics plays in healthcare.  

"As an existing nursing researcher, the PhD by Portfolio provided me with the ability to customise my doctoral study based on my expertise, my existing and ongoing body of research and where I needed additional mentoring and training.  

"Studying my PhD remotely was especially valuable as I had no plans on leaving my current position or location  

"The most valued experience was the opportunity to learn from USW’s respected leaders in the field of genetics, nursing, and genetic integration.  

"I have seen first-hand how a PhD opens doors that might otherwise have been closed.  Funding opportunities often require a PhD and a doctorate certainly makes you more competitive.  

"Not only did the PhD open doors, but also led to my promotion and the ability to secure funding for the first and one of the largest genetic nursing implementation studies conducted.   

"My PhD has positioned me to be a respected member of CCR and the Genetics Branch  and I now lead the Genomics Healthcare Section in the Genetics Branch of the Center for Cancer Research."

Dr Kathy-Calzone, genetics, PhD by Portfolio